Satnavvoices reduce road rage violence Globally

May 09

Satnavvoices reduce road rage violence Globally reduces violent road rage attacks globally


Road rage was a term that most people were unaware of 6 years ago, these days its seems scarily common to be involved in some sort of driver related anger for sometimes the most innocent of reasons.


Major cities present the highest number of reported incidents due to the heavy weight of traffic especially at peak times where anxious drivers are attempting to make their way to the office.  The journey to work holds many more opportunities for road rage than the journey home from work, we guess due to the impending doom of arriving at the office late and landing yourself in trouble before the day has even begun.

But, how widespread is road rage? Objective measures aren’t easy to come by. Chief Inspector Phillips of the Metropolitan Police’s HQ Traffic says that road rage is not a bookable (and therefore measurable) offence, though what results from road rage may be, such as “actual bodily harm” or “threatening behaviour”. His colleague David Rowland is the Met Inspector who supplies footage from police video-cars for the infamous Police Stop videos and presents the second film in the series. He feels road rage may be increasing, as publicity uncovers more cases, but “usually it’s just some arm waving and a few verbals. Where motorists go beyond that, it may be because society as a whole is becoming more violent, allowing an activity more common in the US to be copied here.”

David Vincent is a 54 year old warehouse manager for a janitorial supplies company in Battersea, London, he freely admits to being involved in countless road rage incidents of which he says “over half” were initiated by himself getting irate at the incompetence of other road users.  David recently emailed to thank us for making his journey to work calmer, safer and now completely road rage free, he went on to explain that since he received a tomtom for his 54th birthday and downloaded some replacement voices for the device from he has not encountered or initiated one incident of road rage! “How can I possibly be angry with someone whilst I have a Dalek shouting at me to turn left now to avoid any stairs” he adds “I have done the same journey to work for 19 years so let’s be honest I know the route but I regularly take a detour to make the tomtom start shouting at me, I like the voices that swear at you cos it’s like having road rage inside your own car and its hilarious., I just can’t get angry with other drivers anymore”

As a thank you for Mr Vincent’s testimonial has offered to create a satnavvoice of his wife! The voice is currently in production and David says he can’t wait to receive it “If I ever did get into a road rage fight again, I’ll probably just let the other driver listen to what my wife is saying, they will soon make off I reckon” and then quickly added “ I do love her though “!

Proof that downloading comedy voices from is working to reduce the number of road rage attacks across the world, in celebration of this fact we are reducing the price of every single voice on the site to 99p for the month of May, this constitutes a saving of up to 80% on some premium voices now available for download

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