Business Marketing Interviews 22nd July 2009

Aug 04

Business Marketing Interviews 22nd July 2009

Here is the series of videos that were recorded at a recent Ian Mckendrick seminar on social networking at the Belfry Hotel in Cambourne.  After the presentation we interviewed 9 different companies about their businesses and how they are currently marketing themselves, we were also interested to see how the recession was affecting their business or their marketing.

We met some really interesting people and thank all of the contributors.  Thanks also to Ian Mckendrick for a fantastic presentation.

  1. RJM Marketing
  2. O4RB
  3. Answer it
  4. Flora Tec
  5. Best of Cambridge
  6. Maga Coaching
  7. Lea Valley Colour
  8. David Winch
  9. Bombshell Academy

If any of the above companies would like copies of the videos sent to them then please let me know.  Best contact for me is

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