My Radio Station History

Aug 06

My Radio Station History
Formerly Q103
Formerly Q103

Q103 was my first station, I worked there for several years and spent nearly 3 years as the producer and stunt man for the Terry James breakfast show.  I had a brilliant time there and learnt my trade really under the guidance of Terry, Craig Morris and Craig Boddy. Best memories from Q103 include a police caution after Terry made me park the black thunder up on the side of the road on the cloverleaf junction of the A14/M11 junction at Girton, that day we caused 9 miles of tailbacks, I was dressed as the grim reaper holding an 8ft sign that read “the end  the world is nigh” I cant even remember why we were doing it.

I was also the first commercial radio presenter in the world to go through an automatic carwash….. without a car.  Health and safety would never allow it these days so thanks for putting my life in jeopardy Terry!

A lot has changed since my time at Q103 including several imaging and logo re-brands and then in 2009 a complete re-brand to Heart. Such a shame to see all of the Q103 heritage thrown away to make way for more networked programming from London and plenty of bland non local or relevant content. It will end up stinging the bottoms of the Ivory tower controllers that pull the strings of the locally based puppets very soon, its all about the money and that means there are plenty of redundancies still to come.

Formerly Hereward Fm
Formerly Hereward Fm

Next was Hereward fm, now Heart 102.7.  Again a great experience working alongside people such as Kev Lawrenceand Sue Carter who is now also an award winning programmer.  Best memories from the Peterborough experience were hosting a charity ball in which Geoff Capes had me in a headlock after calling his canaries “budgies”, or did I call his budgies “canaries” I cant remember, that night Barry Fry was kidnapped by fake special forces, his ransom was the money that the station could raise to release him on the night for a local childrens charity, I remember it being at least 10k which was a great result.  The night finished with me playing piano for one of the actors from The Bill (Inspector Meadows) and the girls from Sweet Female Attitude (they were half famous at the time lol).  I got poached from the drivetime show on Hereward fm to go to Beacon Fm in the West Midlands.


Moved to stunning Shropshire and lived on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, another 3 great years this time as a breakfast anchor, Chris Pegg gave me the break and im glad he did!  best memory was being fired from Beacon for airing public opinion, it was an interesting time which turned out to be a bizarre moment of good fortune as I was offered the role of marketing manager for a football club for a year long contract.  One thing I do miss is living in Shropshire, beautiful part of the country.


Whilst at Beacon I was involved in the national digital Rock station, Planet Rock.  I presented the drivetime show on the station for just over a year when it launched.  Planet Rock is now based in London but at this time it was quite literally one computer portal inside a stinky dark haunted unused studio at Beacon in Wolverhampton, after each day’s breakfast show prep I would make my way up the old staircase to the top floor and record my show in the studio of doom, Brilliant music, shame I only ever heard the outro’s and intro’s whilst recording my links lol!.


During my year out of radio as a football club marketing manager I was approached by Craig boddy and offered the opportunity to join the breakfast show at Leicester sound working with a husband and wife team Rae and Kev.  I can quite honestly say this was the most enjoyable gig so far, we pulled off so many ridiculous stunts, wind ups and brilliant promotions I could never list them all, so below is a short clip as an example, this was recorded at the midnight Showing of the Star Wars Phantom Menace premiere in Leicester.



And so to the present day and my broadcasting home for the last 4 years.  Star Radio was a great opportunity for me to finally take control of the programming of a radio station and the freedom that I was granted has resulted in what I think is a pretty sexy array of awards and achievements over the last few yars including several National Radio awards, one European Radio Award and my finest moment so far, winning the 2009/10 Commercial Station of the Year Award for star radio.  This is the most sought after commercial station award in the country and warrants me showing you a picture of the little beauty!

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