Social networking can damage your health!

Aug 19

Social networking can damage your health!

Just finished an interview with leading social media psychologist Dr Aric Sigman.

He believes that social media especially internet sites like FaceBook and Twitter are actually damaging society, especially the younger generation.

I thought it was an interesting point to be made especially when he reveals how much time people spend on these sites,  he thinks that parents should have reater influence on how their kids use them.

How do you think he reacted when I asked him to be my friend on facebook?!

Click the play button below and listen to find out…

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  1. Dr Sigman made some good points about on-line activity hindering the development of some physical social skills in young children but, as with so many ‘experts’, then threw the baby out with the bathwater. The reason people spend so much time with on-line friends is that you don’t have to put up with the bores, the bullies and the bull… Proximity is no recommendation. Just because I live in the same street or went to the same school doesn’t mean I want to spend time with those people – on line I can CHOOSE to interact with stimulating, funny, interesting people. He said “I don’t believe you can be friends with anyone you haven’t met” and from his dismissive attitude he obviously hasn’t tried what millions of people are experiencing and enjoying – making friends in the virtual world with real people who turn into real friends. The barriers of location, age, social status, nationality, gender and ethnicity are swept away on-line and peole form more enjoyable relationships because they are simply individuals. There may be physical drawbacks to on-line relatioships but the emotional benefits are huge. (Maybe thats the clue to why so many people do it!)

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