Use the power of Storybranding to market your Brand

Jan 27

Use the power of Storybranding to market your Brand

Storybranding© is a word that seems to personify a lot of what has been proven to bring success in the world of Social Media marketing and so, I have decided to copyright the term and make it my own!

I am very excited about the forthcoming training and presentation projects that will be giving you an insight into the world of storybranding© and its impossible to go into the detail here as there is a lot that I dont want to give away in the public arena.  However let me tease you with 3 areas in which storybranding© has a huge effect on social media response.

1 – Pro-active and Re-active campaigns. Its a fantastic way to cut through the background sweat and noise that increasingly clutters the marketplace.

2 – Consistent and continual content. It means that your brand not only stands out but it also creates your brand image in the viewers/readers minds more quickly.

3 – Its your Viral Gateway. Storybranding© must be the most cost effective and rewarding way to send your message viral in any marketplace you choose.

A full insight into the science behind story branding will be coming to a presentation near you very soon.  I am looking forward to working with Ian Mckendrick ( ) on these projects, we are very near to the launch of too.

As ever please leave any feedback, comments or questions about storybranding© I love em!


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  1. It sounds fascinating Mark. I look forward to hearing more.

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