Social Media consultancy testimonial!

Apr 28

Social Media consultancy testimonial!

I know its self indulgent, I know one of your thoughts will be “big headed git” but I wanted to share it with the world lol!

I had a 90 minute social media strategy meeting with a great guy called Andy Piper from a company called They sell investment opportunities in exotic location property.  I had no idea this kind of investment opportunity existed so it was very interesting talking through his business in detail. Andy had originally made contact with me after seeing myself and Ian Mckendrick  deliver a presentation to around 100 business delegates at the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce in February 2010.

As we were talking through the various parts of his business I began to create ideas and mini campaigns in my mind that he would be able to take away and use straight away in getting his social media campaign underway.  Its really early days for Andy in terms of getting social media working for him as he is busy establishing his company, Im hopefull that one day if enough people allow me to share my ideas for their business I might be able to buy one of those beachside villa’s that Andy is selling!

Ithink it may be a while yet though! anyway, thanks to Andy for writing some genuinely appreciated words about what was a worthwhile afternoon’s work for both parties.

“How much information can you soak up in 90 minutes ?

Well that’s all the time that I spent in the company of the hugely creative and brilliant mind behind Mark Peters but I went away with my mind buzzing with creative ideas for taking the message of my business “viral”.

Mark has this amazing ability to see what others (of the less intuitively creative type) like myself just don’t see, and when this is combined with his considerable experience in the business world it makes for a marketing force to be reckoned with ! 

Thanks Mark for all those creative (and sometimes outright wacky) ideas that I will be putting into action in the coming weeks and months for my business”

Andy Piper – Prosperity Investments 



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