New Phobia Revealed “World Cup Anxiety”

Apr 08

New Phobia Revealed “World Cup Anxiety”

This is a great story I uncovered today, fascinating insight into how our emotional intelligence is growing.  In past years football fans hav’nt even thought about getting any kind of treatment for the stress they feel during important matches, now there is enough people seeking help that it is announced as a new phobia! read this press release, surely it will go viral!

Cambridge UK 8th April 2010

Cambridge Hypnotherapist Luca Senatore has been inundated with requests to help clients overcome what seems to be a brand new phobia.  dubbed “ World Cup Anxiety “ the new phobia appears to be increasing at an alarming rate with requests for support coming from all over the UK.  Symptoms of “world cup anxiety” include  

  • Lack of concentration at work in the 24 hour period preceding a big game
  • A slightly increased resting heart rate for the period of the tournament
  • Heightened emotional state and an impaired ability to deal rationally with common crisis
  • Implications of the above symptoms can lead to further complications including problems with relationships and communication within the workplace or home

 Commenting on the alarming increase in the new phobia Luca Senatore, who specialises in weight related issues and phobias, commented “What we are seeing now is a phenomenon that has been manifesting itself in the minds of football fans for decades, it now appears to have built up strength almost like a pseudo virus to the point at which people are experiencing physical symptoms.  The appearance of a new phobia is always fascinating as each case I am seeing at the moment is also a different variation of the problem”

Mr Senatore and his Cambridge based Hypnotherapy practice have launched a tailor made phobia package aimed at solving these issues for any fan that feels they might be suffering already from world cup anxiety, “ It will normally only take me a couple of hours to achieve a complete cure of world cup anxiety in my clients, after treatment my clients would be able to sit through a world cup final penalty shootout between England and Brazil without a noticeable rise in heart BPM throughout

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