“Reset” your social media strategy regularly

May 29

“Reset” your social media strategy regularly

One of the dangers of using too much automation in your social media strategy is the risk of just becoming stagnant and falling into the background “noise”.  You have to understand that there is no real easy ride when it comes to managing a social media strategy effectively as the whole thing revolves around the generation of good quality content, hence the need for a regular reset.

This involves you taking a step back from the content you already have out there and asking the questions “whats big at the moment?, what are people talking about and how does my product relate to that ?” It might be that there are topical events that are happening right now that you can use by riding on the wave of interest and pushing traffic to your target landing page.  A good example is the “world cup anxiety” story that you can see a few blog posts ago.  You cant get away from the world cup at the moment the story is huge, the excitement is constant and is only going to increase now into the competition so use it to your advantage.


  1. This is something I see regularly. It’s as if some people know they need to be using the social tools but don’t care about what they say with them, sometime tweeting totally uninspired drivel – so what on earth is the point!
    I love it when I see people who are keyed into what’s going on in the world around them, becoming really inventive as they promote what they’re doing as part of their product/solution.
    Thanks for the advice Mark, let’s hope we see more people taking these ideas on board as part of their future social media marketing strategies

    • Yep it always goes back to our saying Ian “social sweat” you have to work hard at this to make it work, there is no magic involved.

  2. Good advice Mark – a timely reminder to keep content current and interesting! Hmm, off to review and re-write some of my own blog content :))

    • Thanks Katherine, these principles are the same for the broadcast industry too really, you cant just keep re-using the same content all the time. Well that is unless your station is called “heart” !! lol.

  3. Excellent point Mark, picking up on Katherine, just been listening to Joel Roberts say very similar things, but apply it to everyones message. How can it possibly affect everyone? Less time, shorter attention spans, more competition!

  4. I think the problem is that due to the sheer amount of “noise” out there we have been trained to dismiss content much more quickly. If something isnt instantly interesting or relevant to our needs at that moment in time its binned. The battle of content comes down to who can write the best headline titles and keep the facts concise enough to give “content satisfaction” to the reader. You are right in the fact its a real challenge but the best content with the most appealing delivery will win.

    Thats is once again why we have seen huge growth in popularity of video content for marketing in social media, its a great delivery medium.

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