New book ” Insect Media ” links insect behavior to Social Media – Interview with Author

Jan 04

New book ” Insect Media ” links insect behavior to Social Media – Interview with Author

“How do I monetize Social Media”?
The answer my friends is to stare at Bee’s,Ants, Worms and Cockroaches!
The answer lies in the lessons we can learn from the way insects interact, the way their swarms, hives
and webs distribute intelligence.

Anglia RuskinUniversity academic Dr Jussi Parikka has just launched a fascinating and intriguing new book which uncovers the insect logic that informs contemporary media technologies and the network

Listen to me interviewing the author here

Dr Jussi Parikka Insect Media


Within the new book, Dr Parikka develops an insect theory of media, one that
conceptualises modern media as more than the products of individual
human actors, social interests, or technological determinants. They
are, rather, profoundly nonhuman phenomena that both draw on and
mimic the more ‘alien’ life worlds of insects. Can worms
really help the millions of self made social media experts monetize
their systems?! Dont know but Im buying it lol!!  

I actually think this is a fascinating idea and reminds me somewhat of the time old classic piece of business
advice that my dear old mum rams into me everytime she gets the chance
“the best business ideas are always the simplest”! thanks Mum, according to Dr Parikka you might actually be right! I think that anyone working in social media land whether you are a “givver” or a “receiver” should buy this brilliant piece of academic theory, who knows it might make you a social medionairre! I have had a look around the best deal I could find is below, just click the book or the button, it is available as a hardback as well but the price is a whopping £56. If you have already made your fortune from social
media and can afford it though the link is here.

Dr Parikka is Reader in Media Theory and History at Anglia Ruskin
University and Director of the Cultures of the Digital Economy
(CoDE) research institute ( and ArcDigital
( He is also the author of Digital
Contagions: A Media Archaeology of Computer Viruses. Explaining the
theory behind the way of life in digital network society, Dr
Parikka explains: ‘Network culture is a rather peculiar phase in
our modern technical civilization, as it seems to be a combination
of high technology and a fascination with such seemingly simple
life forms as insects. We continuously make sense of emerging media
and technology through references and metaphors borrowed from the
biological world: viruses, worms, swarms, and other similar
eclectic ideas that suggest a complex view of scientific

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