The Multiplier Effect

Jan 02

The Multiplier Effect

Just a quick post to highlight a nice bit of work by one of my Radio Station’s Clients – Ernest Doe. It always frustrates me in Radio that the vast majority of radio buyers wont co-ordinate any other promotional or marketing activity to bolster their campaign, the multiplier effect can add serious traction to any campaign without having to add in extra cost.

Put simply the multiplier effect is achieved by coordinating several different campaigns to run together across different types of media or communication. Radio and online advertising is growing fast and has been highly effective for some time.

Ernest Doe decided to go all out on the multiplier effect with radio, press and some physical outdoor activity all of which was kept to the minimum cost but the effect of which created a noise which was far higher than the spending power of the budget they had and even created some viral traction as stories appeared in the local press.

The video below shows the external activity that Ernest Doe organised to co-incide with the running of the radio commercial that you can hear in the video. You can imagine the interest the Aliens created as people drove past. Brilliant fun and actually an excellent way to maximise the promotional activity they engaged in with their radio campaign!

Ernest Doe Promotional Activity to support Star Radio Advertising Campaign

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