Good luck to Taxi Ely!

May 13

Good luck to Taxi Ely!

Just wanted to wish good luck to the guys over at its a brand new website dedicated to promoting conversation around public transport in the Ely area, predominantly Taxis’s!.

I like the idea of local niche websites being there to promote conversation at local level, can only be a good thing with regards to keeping the standards of passenger transport high.  They also have deals on which is what interested me initially as I am off to London on a regular basis these days.

So if you get a moment – pop over and say hi to the guys at taxi Ely, they have supported a competition that we have run on the radio station called cash cab which I really appreciate.

Taxi Ely will earn about 10p for every ticket they sell so I thought it only fair I share their link in case you need any tickets – they are going to have to sell a lot lol !

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  1. We are proud to announce the launch of which is a sister website to We hope that these sites prove to be helpful to both visitors and locals.

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