Best Value WordPress Blog Hosting

Aug 20

Best Value WordPress Blog Hosting

I use wordpress a lot these days, for my own and client websites.  Its pretty stable and with the amount of themes and templates around these days its possible to create something way beyond what would normally be possible without a big budget.

There are 3 simple steps to getting a wordpress blog hosted and then live

1 – Buy the domain you need eg
2 – Buy some hosting which is basically webspace on which your site will sit once you build it
3 – Add the domain into your hosting package and then Install wordpress on to the hosting space too (sounds complicated but a lot of hosting companies now offer one click installs)

I spent a lot of time comparing the best value wordpress site hosting packages and have found Hostgator to be the best I can find.  Thats it really! just thought it might help you if you are buying hosting space for wordpress blogs.  Below is a link to the deal I found which i couldnt get beaten anywhere, which must make it the best hosting company for wordpress blogs, in my opinion!

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